About Us

Management Consultants International, Inc. (MCII) is a consulting firm providing management consulting services primarily to the construction industry. The Company was founded in 1997 and is based in Miami, Florida, USA. MCII is presided by Dr. Ayman Morad who has over 30 years of construction engineering and management experience. Dr. Morad holds Civil Engineering (Construction Engineering and Management) degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Virginia Tech (VT).

MCII provides construction claims; expert witness; litigation support; planning and scheduling; project control; and organizational management and support services for governmental and commercial projects. Our client base includes: general contractors, construction managers, owners (public and private), and subcontractors. By retaining our consulting services at the early stages of construction projects, our clients receive professional and state-of-the-art construction scheduling services and an in-depth schedule analysis to allow them to efficiently and accurately monitor and control the actual construction progress of their projects to avoid project slippage, cost overruns, and costly delay claims.