Claim Services

MCII provides a full spectrum of construction claims consulting and dispute resolution services. MCII can assist its clients in identifying claims proactively and offering strategic insights and support including analysis, quantification, and preparation and presentation of claims.

  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of the project’s history and documents to evaluate liability.
  • Recognize bias in schedules, identify schedules that have been manipulated to distort the impact of delays on the project schedule and costs, and to provide accurate delay evaluations.
  • Provide evaluations of causes, responsibility and costs of project delays using scheduling techniques.
  • Provide factual analysis, and accurate quantification of the effects of delay, disruption and acceleration that result in effective presentation or refutation of evidence during negotiation, litigation, and arbitration.
  • Provide review of changes on the project to analyze such as cumulative impact or active interference.
  • Provide accurate and detailed cost and damage evaluations for damages resulting from delays, claims, change orders, and variations.
  • Provide analysis of changes affected by labor productivity and/or labor efficiency.
  • Provide a thorough explanation of conclusions, backed by statistical data.
  • Organize, prepare, and present technical and cost evaluations to courts and arbitration panels.
  • Preparation of courtroom quality graphics for negotiation, arbitration, mediation, or when necessary, litigation and expert testimony.

The following is a list of professional services we offer to our clients (owners, contractors, and subcontractors):

Contract Claim Preparation, Analysis, and Review

Litigation & Arbitration Support