Schedule Review

MCII provides scheduling review services to contractors and subcontractors to review their existing schedules (baselines and periodic update schedules) to identify inconsistencies and deficiencies in the prepared schedules, to advise on improvements to help clients navigate complex projects and detailed schedules, and to advise on the current procedures for updating the schedule to streamline future updates and make them realistic.

Also, MCII provides scheduling review services to owners to review the baseline schedule and periodic schedule submittals by the contractors to keep them up to date on critical issues affecting the schedule and progress of work, and to advise them of potential problems and their impact on the progress of work.

Our schedule reviews include:

  • Schedule Level of Detail
  • Sequence of work
  • Overestimated/underestimated durations
  • Misuse of Milestones and Constraints
  • Improper use of lags and leads
  • Resource and Cost Loading setup rules and options
  • Schedule calculation options
  • Validity of the activity coding structures
  • Potential Progress Problems
  • Compliance with Contract requirements and Specifications