Project Planning

A Project Plan is a useful “road map” to assist the project team in completing the Project successfully. Project Planning is a team operation of developing project strategy. It is the process of estimating the time, manpower, materials, tools, equipment and other resources required to accomplish the project by dividing the project into smaller, identifiable units of work and identifying their interdependency.

MCII is devoted to provide our clients with comprehensible and logical understanding of the project plan and in establishing a framework for measuring, reporting and controlling project progress. MCII can help its clients in developing their project plans by:

  • Identifying overall strategy of how the work process is to be broken down for control
  • Establishing guidelines how the control is to be managed
  • Identifying methods to be used for design, procurement and construction
  • Establishing strategies for subcontracting and procurement
  • Identifying zones of operation and their interface
  • Maximizing efficiency of the project strategy with respect to cost and time
  • Managing risks and opportunities
  • Developing delay mitigation strategies